At the lake with your dog – a safe and joyful holiday

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Do you have a four-legged dog who loves the water and you want to plan a fun holiday with him? Then how about to the lake? A holiday with your dog at the lake will be a treat for a four-legged swimming enthusiast, even more so for one with sensitive skin. Salty, sea water can severely dry out a dog’s skin, resulting in half the trip in discomfort and itching for the pet. Where to go to the lake with your dog and how to plan such a trip?

What to prepare before going to the lake with your dog?

Before any trip with your pet, take your four-legged dog for a check-up with the vet and check their general health. A holiday with your dog at the lake is meant to be a time of relaxation, not stress about your dog getting sick. It is important that your dog has up-to-date basic vaccinations, including a rabies vaccination, during the trip. When visiting the vet, also make sure that your pet has adequate tick protection. Only with this set of vaccinations and preparations can you plan a holiday with your dog at the lake.

How to pack for a holiday with your dog at the lake?

Whether you are going with your pet to the mountains, the forest, the lake or the seaside, remember to pack your pet properly. For any trip with your dog, whether a weekend or two weeks away, take a complete doggy pack. Pack a solid diet of dog food and your pet’s dog bowls in your dog’s luggage, and don’t forget their favourite dog treats and dog toys. Be sure to bring a dog bed, and don’t forget a leash, harness or collar and muzzle. Add a dog health food booklet and a travel bowl to your hand luggage, where you can offer your pet some water or food during a stopover.

Where to go on a lake holiday with your dog?

Not every holiday resort or hotel is a pet-friendly place. Although there are more and more dog-friendly places on the map every year, always check at the planning stage of your holiday with your dog where you can stay with your pet, for example Stacja Kolczela, and what rules apply to you there. What can a dog do at the lake? The regulations do not explicitly state prohibitions and rules of conduct, here you must adapt to the rules of the specific bathing area. Make sure there is a beach nearby where you can spend time with your pet and, if so, under what rules. Of course, a trip to the lake with your dog does not have to be limited to spending time by the water. Check out the surrounding country parks and nature reserves, green spaces. Perhaps there is a dog run in the area.

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